Photos of a Girl Falling Off a Bin at Falls Festival Will Remind You How Cruel Life Is

Falls Festival’s Byron Bay leg just wrapped up, bringing an end to three days of scorching heat, incredible live music and the chance to get absolutely bloody cooked with your best mates. Many festival-goers looked to be having a ripper time, with plenty of loose units cutting some shapes on the grassy banks of Byron […]

How to start loving yourself

“I WISH I COULD RUN ACROSS A BEACH INTO MY OWN ARMS” – A real quote by Kanye If you haven’t already guessed by my mention of the Lord of self-love — Kanye West, I’m here to talk about Self Love and why you should get on that bandwagon — quick smart. Are you already there? Have you ever even […]

My GP, Anxiety and Me

“The doctor’s fucking sucks. I mean obviously they don’t actually suck because they save lives I get it but like – I want out of here. And he’s late.” – angsty phone notes written in the toilets of my local GP I mean I’m sure most people don’t love the doctors, but this particular office […]

Surviving Your Awkward Work Christmas Party

The time is nigh my friends. When we must, once again, endure the yearly tradition of being forced into a room with our work colleagues to drink alcohol and reminisce on all the hard work we put in the past year (Facebook scrolling and online shopping). I imagine a scene vaguely similar to mine: we’re […]

The 6am Pilgrimage Home

There’s something magical about seeing the sun rise after a night out. It could be the fresh morning air or the more likely fact that your blood alcohol content looks like a phone number, but there’s an undeniable charm about an early morning after an evening of debauchery. With a heavy heart and a lighter […]

You can now get your vagina high

We women go through a lot a shit, and with that ‘time of the month’ once again, lurking up behind me, I feel the urge to bitch and moan, uncontrollably rising. While it sucks for most of us, it isn’t all bad if you live in California. See, these women now have bragging rights to […]

The Ultimate Monday Morning Pep Talk

“Mondayitis: a feeling of weariness, sadness, apathy and general distress that many of us feel when starting the Monday morning working week.” For me, Mondayitis actually kicks in on Sunday arvo, whispering in my ear, telling me to go fuck myself So how to avoid the emotional perils of a Monday morning? Besides moving to the […]