Gatorbeug Are Still Going Hard With Their Premium Bongs

In 2014, Gatorbeug hit the market with some pretty impressive porcelain bongs, made from cast earthenware and about 1000 times better than the Powerade bottle you’ve been promising to replace for the last month. Then they rocked a Tony Abbott bong, which was pretty darn impressive and gave everyone the chance to rip a steamy one […]

It’s Okay To Talk

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 10.45.09 AM copy

“It was just another story written on the second page Underneath the Tiger’s football score.” “Triple Zero. What’s your emergency?” “I need an ambulance.” “What’s your emergency, sir?” “It’s my- it’s my daughter. She’s locked herself in the bathroom.” “I need more information.” “What else can I Goddamn tell you?” “Stay calm, sir. Are you […]

Dogs Are Better Than Cats

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I’m not sure why this notion still begs debate: dogs are more loyal, claw you less, aren’t stupid lying traitors, and can – in some circumstances – actually protect you if your knife-brandishing ex-partner tries to stab you in the thought. Yet for some unknown reason, some people still believe cats reign supreme. These people, […]