Photos of a Girl Falling Off a Bin at Falls Festival Will Remind You How Cruel Life Is

Falls Festival’s Byron Bay leg just wrapped up, bringing an end to three days of scorching heat, incredible live music and the chance to get absolutely bloody cooked with your best mates. Many festival-goers looked to be having a ripper time, with plenty of loose units cutting some shapes on the grassy banks of Byron Bay. One lady in particular took to the bins to have a dance, let’s have a look how she got on.



  1. This is a look of triumph, she shrugged off doubters who said she couldn’t dance on a bin and did it anyway, life’s good and some people in the crowd even give her looks of admiration.



  1. She’s realised that dancing on a bin in 35-degree heat is not as fun as it sounds, and is desperate to make an escape from the ugly situation she’s got herself in. Waving away offers of hope, she bravely begins her migration to the ground.



  1. The beginning of the end, at this point all she can do is let gravity do its thing as members of the crowd look on in horror.



  1. Old mate who offered her help in the previous photo rushes to intervene as she summersaults towards the earth. What was once a moment of triumph has been soured and the crowd are now ignoring the stage as they try to comprehend what just happened.



  1. Defeated, disheveled and looking like she’s just been pinned in a WWE match by Rey Mysterio, the people’s champion sinks to the floor. The bins to out to be a bigger foe than she realised and will now think twice before she dances on anything that’s not the attached to the ground.


Seriously, though, we do hope she’s alright and thanks to Darcy Borghetto for posting the beautiful demise onto Facebook.


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