The Weather Channel Are Blaming That Reporter’s Shit Acting Skills On ‘Wet Grass’

If you haven’t heard, the United States has been having a spot of bad weather recently, and what does bad weather mean you might ask? Every weather reporter in the country attempting to find new ways to report that rain is falling from the sky at an alarming pace. The following video made the rounds […]

Over 200 Marriages Have Ended Thanks To Fortnite

At this point, Fortnite is becoming that fart that sticks around forever and there doesn’t seem to be any change on the horizon, until the army of 12 year-olds who decide whats cool want to try something else, we’re essentially stuck. Fortnite is starting to cause some real-life problems though, as one divorce website has […]

Feast Your Eyes On This Wild Stoned Koala Detective Game

If you’ve been hankering to play a game where you take on the role of a weed-loving, foul-mouthed koala who needs to solve a case then guess what, you’ve got extremely specific tastes. But thanks to Convict Games, you can frivolously pour hours into one of the only “hip-hop noir” games in existence. Basically, you […]