KFC Just Brought Back 24 Nugs For $10 So Get Ready To Demolish

It feels like living in the modern era is simply a cycle between a fast-food establishment having a super-sweet mega cheap special on that everyone froths, and waiting for the said establishment to bring back the special for a “limited only”. Seeing as the social media and marketing team of these fast food restaurants have […]

The QLD Tourism Council Wants To Ban The Word Rain From Weather Forecasts

Queensland’s tourism industry is beefin’ haaaaard with the Bureau of Metrology over claims that the agency is being too negative with its forecasting, dissuading a lot of potential tourists from making the day trip to our great sunshine state. Hoping for a more optimistic approach, The Queensland Tourism Industry Council (QTIC) chief executive Daniel Gschwind reckons […]

So, Uh, There’s Now An App That Tracks Your Boners

Sometimes I feel that us millennials get shit on way too much. We’re doing our best in a pretty fucked world that our parents set up for us, surely most of the older generation’s qualms with us are purely exaggerated and we’re not THAT bad. And then I wake up to see that someone took the […]

KFC Are Making Gravy Cocktails Now So Excuse Me While I Vomit

If you ever needed any further proof that we’ve strayed way too far from God’s light, then just have a gander at the latest marketing stunt from everyone’s favourite artery clogger, KFC. Not content with flogging fried chicken scented candles and bath bombs, the fast food powerhouse is now capitalising on the new trend of “stockails”, […]