Will Ferrell Gets Ready to Wreck Scrubs in an Upcoming eSports Movie

The man who brought us cherished movies like “Step Brothers” and “Anchorman” has found himself in another zany blockbuster, this time centred on the world of eSports. For his next movie, Ferrell will take on the role of a professional eSports team member. In a sport that hosts competitors as young as 15 and sees […]

Australian Man Absolutely Destroys Kangaroo in Punch-up

There really isn’t anything more Australian than things like Kangaroo’s, the bush, looking after your loved ones and a good punch on. Usually, most of these things don’t go together in the same situation however a video that has gone viral since being uploaded on Sunday proves that wrong. The video shows a man rushing […]

The 6am Pilgrimage Home

There’s something magical about seeing the sun rise after a night out. It could be the fresh morning air or the more likely fact that your blood alcohol content looks like a phone number, but there’s an undeniable charm about an early morning after an evening of debauchery. With a heavy heart and a lighter […]

The Stage Is Set For Round Three Of ‘House of Bacardi’

  After the Brisbane leg of ‘House of Bacardi’ saw over 1000 punters descend upon the event – one that showed the alcohol giant truly were changemakers and luminaries in the nightlife scene – the rolling tour is just one day shy of taking over Melbourne. With a plan to spend their summer supporting those […]

You can now get your vagina high

We women go through a lot a shit, and with that ‘time of the month’ once again, lurking up behind me, I feel the urge to bitch and moan, uncontrollably rising. While it sucks for most of us, it isn’t all bad if you live in California. See, these women now have bragging rights to […]

The Ultimate Monday Morning Pep Talk

“Mondayitis: a feeling of weariness, sadness, apathy and general distress that many of us feel when starting the Monday morning working week.” For me, Mondayitis actually kicks in on Sunday arvo, whispering in my ear, telling me to go fuck myself So how to avoid the emotional perils of a Monday morning? Besides moving to the […]