Tommy Wiseau Has Put His Hand Up To Make The Next Star Wars Movie

Tommy Wiseau might be a genius. It’s been said before that the producer, director and lead actor of ‘the worst movie ever made’ is secretly in on his own joke, feigning earnestness while laughing along with us all the way to the bank. Trolling the Margarets, Davids and Roger Eberts of the world with a […]

Aussie Town Misses Its Own 150 Year Anniversary By 3 Years

As is traditions, we as humans love to celebrate anniversaries, no matter what the occasion is. Whether it’s a birthday, a wedding anniversary, or sitting around the table with your family and fondly remembering the first time you ever had sex. So, we get out knickers in a bit of a twist when something happens […]

Woman Trying To Eradicate Bugs Accidentally Burns House Down

In my humble opinion, insects, spiders, bugs and basically anything tiny that can crawl or fly is the work of the devil and should be cleansed in the fiery depths of hell. Unfortunately, we also live in Australia which could actually be described as the fiery depths of hell itself, so pretty much anything small […]