Mastermind Caught Smuggling Vodka Inside A Salami Sandwich

Anyone who claims the youth of today lacks imagination, creativity, or a faculty for lateral thinking ought to accompany them to a music festival or sporting event. When it comes to gaming those pesky security checkpoints, the ingenuity of the average substance-smuggling punter is truly something to behold. I for one have seen saddies stitched […]

Man Goes Fishing, Catches A Drunk Naked Woman

If you’ve ever so much as dipped a toe in the dating pool you’ll have heard that there are plenty of fish in the sea. And luckily, most of them know they’re not really fish. Most of them. But recently, in an absurd case of life imitating proverb, a fuckeyed woman in the Atlantic Ocean […]

Cops Shut Down Busker For Playing Wonderwall Super Shittily

Ah Wonderwall, what was once the triumphant crooning of a generation has transformed itself into the backbone of many, many underwhelming acoustic sets. While Wonderwall’s popularity might have deteriorated and everyone collectively rolls their eyes when it comes on, you can’t deny that belting out “AND AFTER ALLLLLL” is one of lives greatest pleasures. No one […]