Study Finds Red Wine Drinkers Feel Sexy, But Also Just Want To Sleep

There’s nothing worse than the inevitable drowsiness that comes with a long session of drinking. We’ve all felt the familiar yawns creep up at around 7 pm on a Saturday night when you’ve been drinking for about 4 hours already but still need to last another 5 before you can even consider hitting the town. […]

This New Dipping Sauce Holder Is Going To Change The World

We live in a period where innovation and practicality are clashing together at alarming rates. Sure, we’ve seen some pretty cool gizmos and gadgets so far, but have any of these so-called ‘inventions’ been able to aide me in my quest to scoff chicken nuggets while driving? Checkmate atheists. Well, some design boffins in America are […]

Humanity in the Land of the Fair Go

Words by Johan Ariff The Manus Island Detention Centre has been officially closed for nearly a month now. Images of the inhabitants’ anguish and the Centre’s rotting facilities have been replaced once again by headlines decrying the looming Citizenship Crisis engulfing the Federal Parliament. Many Australians surely felt that this final rejection of the humanity […]

Drunk Man Gets Giant Eel Stuck Up His Arse

Oh yes, we all love a good bit of drunken tomfoolery don’t we. We all love to lampoon our fuckeyed friends with some hilarious high jinks and horseplay. Someone passed out at the party? Oh my God, what if we drew an ejaculating penis on their forehead? What if we shaved their eyebrows? What if […]