Queensland Judge Commends Drug Dealer On His “Good Business Model”

Type the words ‘dealer ‘ and ‘entrepreneur’ into a Google search bar and you’ll get the following top three results: ‘7 Reasons Why A Drug Dealer is a Better Entrepreneur Than You’; ‘Dealing Drugs Made Me an Entrepreneur’; and ‘6 Traits Costa Rican Drug Dealers and Successful Entrepreneurs Have in Common’. The recurrent symmetries should […]

Watch Some Legend Try and Stop an Actual Riot with Pepsi

Everyone heard about Pepsi’s disastrous attempt at uniting a nation with a can of their famous carbonated sugar. Heaps of people were pretty pissed off that the ad suggested that you can solve police brutality by getting a celebrity to hand over a can of soft drink. The ad was eventually pulled due to pretty much […]

Happy Meal Used To Lure Escaped Inmates Out Of Hiding

McDonalds – the great leveller. The Forbidden Fruit. The Holy Grail. If there’s one thing that’s sure to have the most headstrong of individuals weak at the knees, it’s a hot box full of burgers, chippies and nugs from the clown in the yellow tracksuit. Police negotiators in the Northern Territory knew this, apparently, when […]

Renegade Dentist Pulled Out A Tooth Whilst Riding A Hoverboard

Alaska’s loosest tooth-tugger was slapped with 17 counts of fraud and “unlawful dental acts” this week – among them, the allegation that he performed a tooth extraction whilst riding on a hoverboard. Seth Lookhart of Clear Creek Dental apparently filmed himself performing the avant-garde operation and texted it to several of his friends, LOL-ing that he was conducting a “new standard […]