Stalk Your Friends With Snapchat’s Latest Feature

Snapchat’s had a bit of a tough time of it lately. On top of the fact that Instagram Stories have pretty much made the app obsolete for anything but sending nudes, the dog filter has gotten a bit stale and people are searching for the next big things to make their selfies POP. Well, Snapchat […]

Enter The ‘Cage Cage’: A Simulation That Locks You In A Cage And Makes You Watch Nicolas Cage Films

We are all Nicolas Cage. For better or for worse, this man embodies our most primal instincts; our darkest impulses; our raving, animalistic id. Whether he’s carjacking Chevvies or screaming “How’d it get burned?!” at a frightened child, Cage’s often frenzied performances tap into unspoken truths about the collective human experience. He is as much […]

The Party Girl’s Guide To Sobriety

Words by Bridget Bisset I’ve boogied in some of the best nightclubs in the world. I’ve spent many transcendent hours in Berghain. Sober. And you know what? It was bliss. If you had asked me in 2011 I would have said the only way to experience that level of crystal clear clarity was through popping […]