Man cops a $14M bond after daring judge to raise his bond

I think as humans, we’re pretty much pre-wired to challenge any inkling of authority that opposes us. When we were young, we’d mouth off to parents and teachers, refusing to back down until our demands were met. As adults, we yell at bartenders who decide to cut us off while we’re standing there 10 deep […]

Volunteers needed to chuff cones for science

In this current economic climate, it’s becoming harder and harder for young people to find jobs. Faced with employers wanting 30 years experience in a role that hasn’t existed for six months and competing for jobs with those who are way more qualified, we’re definitely getting shafted with the pointy end of the stick. The only […]

NT Police Post ‘Fully Lit’ Anti-Drug Video, Proving They’re Totally With It

Proving that cops can be pretty darn ~woke~, the Northern Territory Police released a funky AF anti-drug video yesterday, instructing punters on how to “have a fully lit time at Bass In The Grass” music festival in Darwin. Senior Constable Dean Elliott, “TV legend and instructional guru”, is the shining star of this 80’s-nostalgic masterpiece, along […]