That Bloke Who Copped A Sneaky BJ On A Train Is Currently Talking Mad Shit

It’s a tale as old as time itself. You’re on a train, minding your own business when suddenly you look up and see the most magical creature you’ve ever laid eyes on sitting opposite. You flash a cheeky smile, she smiles back, one thing leads to another and suddenly you’ve got ya Long-John-Silver out for […]

Vince Staples Wants You To Give Him $2M Or Get Off His Dick

Being even remotely famous or talented would be a fuckload of fun, however, having to deal with internet haters and people who just always seem to have an opinion would undoubtedly suck ass. Rapper Vince Staples is aiming to combat the hate by presenting an alternative: pay him $2 million to fund his lifestyle and he’ll […]

Cheese Festival Cops Shit For Running Out Of Cheese

We all know that niche events and festivals have a tendency to be pretty fucking wanky. I enjoy a glass of red as much as the next person, but if I had to congregate with a bunch of people who think that liking red wine is a personality trait, I’d most likely blow my brains out. […]