Bloke Gets Stuck in Chimney After Practicing Parkour Moves

It’s not easy being extreme, Tap Out clothing can get pretty pricey and drinking 3 times the recommended amount of Monster energy drinks can you really do a number on a person’s heart. What many don’t realise is that most people who live an extreme lifestyle don’t do it for the glory, women or approval […]

Man Murders Friend for Refusing to Dance at a Birthday Party

Going out with people who aren’t on the same level of drunk as you isn’t fun. It seems that you spend the whole night trying to coerce them into cutting loose while they reluctantly shuffle in the back corner. That being said, going out with someone who’s way drunker than you is another hell in itself. Eye […]

Australia, Can We Stop Hating on Vegans?

Vegans. The word alone is enough to make people roll their eyes and sigh. Maybe it’s because every single vegan is on a do or die mission to convert the mainstream population to their radical way of life, or maybe it’s because people just love having a stereotype to hate. I’ll preface this article by […]