Apparently Going Sockless Is Causing Wide Spread Foot Fungus, So Chuck Some On Ya Gronks

I never got the appeal of not wearing socks. Firstly, shoes without socks are as uncomfortable as having Christmas dinner with Dad’s new “friend”. Moreover, socks are like a literal hug for your feet, unless you’re trekking on the beach I see no reason to disregard one of life’s little pleasures. If only we all […]

NZ Police Forced To Delete Absolutely Fkd Road Death Tweet

Most companies in 2017 have a fairly consistent social media presence. Lots of brands hire social media teams to dig through the dankness and post things that are relevant to all us youngsters on this new-fangled internet machine. No page has taken to social media quite like the various police agencies around the world. NSW […]

FOMO Festival Just Absolutely Fkn Roasted This Ticket Scalper

The Australian music scene’s ticket situation is in a bit of a sorry state. Although festivals like Splendour In The Grass have pretty much nailed it with their resell marketplace, there are still hundreds of venues that sell out too quickly, leaving people desperate to see their favourite artists. Whenever there are desperate people, there […]

McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce Promo Was A Big Fat Flop

Unless you’ve been living under a large, particularly heavy rock then you would no doubt be familiar with the whole Rick and Morty Szechuan sauce saga. If you aren’t, the short version is that the show made a reference to the long-defunct sauce back in the show’s first episode of the latest season, fans went […]