Politician Keen to Bring Back “Road Beers.”

Beers on the go can be a beautiful or chaotic thing. The effects of the beers that you skulled in the backseat of an Uber that your friend paid for can last hours in town, and eliminate the problem of sobering up before you’ve even hit the dancefloor. Timed poorly, you can end up facing the […]

South Melbourne Bridge Continues to Absolutely Fuck Up Trucks

So, what happens when a (fairly) unstoppable force meets a (somewhat) immovable object? Well, why don’t we ask the latest victim of the notoriously bloodthirsty bridge? Oh wait, we can’t, because the bridge fucked it up. The Montague Street Bridge in South Melbourne has already claimed yet another victim, an unsuspecting truck with an adorably innocent […]

Vegan Denied Passport for Being Annoying

Photo Veganism seems to have shifted from a genuinely good-hearted movement that aims to encourage environmental consciousness and improve animal welfare, to something that middle-aged men and 15-year-old edge lords make shitty memes about on Facebook. Not all vegans are bad, most don’t push their beliefs on anyone else and live in harmony with the […]