The Legends at Uber Will Now Deliver Booze For You

UberEats undeniably changed the game. Instead of having to settle for a sloppy pizza or poorly made Big-Mac for a seedy Sunday lunch, we can now order restaurant quality food straight to our doorstep. Even better, unlike those pesky dress codes that restaurants enforce, Uber drivers barely bat an eye when you emerge from the house […]

Drug Dealer Caught After Using Chip and Pin Device to Take Payments

Technology has revolutionised countless industries. Thanks to new and emerging tech, we have new ways to combat terrible diseases, exchange ideas over the internet, and call an Uber when we’re drunk as fuck at 4 in the morning and need to get home. While many industries have benefitted from new technology, one profession seems to have missed […]

Scientists Are Using MDMA to Cure Tinnitus

A scientific study in New Zealand has completed trials with the goal of proving that tinnitus, a pretty shitty condition where sufferers report feeling an uncontrollable ringing in the ears, can be cured using  MDMA, the drug commonly associated with good times and raves. reports that researchers began the study almost two years ago […]