Escaped Tortoise Found 2 Weeks Later Just 140m From Zoo

Ah, tortoises, well known for their love of pizza and fighting crime, helping small fish find their son and most of all, their inability to move anywhere very quickly. It’s perhaps the latter that serves as the humble tortoise’s most notable quality, but it looks like our shell-endowed friends can add one more skill to […]

Bloke Pictured With Charlottesville Protesters Says That He’s ‘Not An Angry Racist’, He Just Marches With Them’

You’ve probably heard about the pretty despicable things that are happening in Charlottesville, Virginia right now. If you haven’t, the short story is that a white supremacist rally was planned to oppose the removal of a Confederate hero’s statue, which led to protestors and counter-protestors clashing and ultimately resulted in a white nationalist ploughing his […]

A 100 Y.O Fruitcake Was Discovered In Antarctica In Case You’re Fanging For A Feed

In what sounds like the plot to an extremely underwhelming Indiana Jones movie, researchers have recently discovered a perfectly preserved fruitcake, that’s allegedly been there for over 100 years. Conservators with the Antartic Heritage Trust (AHT) have managed to uncover a rather scrumptious looking fruitcake, believed to be manufactured by the now defunct  Huntley & Palmers […]

Saudi Singer Gets Arrested For Dabbing During A Concert

The dab is truly a beautiful thing. Never before has a dance move so simple yet so rewarding captured the hearts of millions around the world. Literally, all you have to do is bring your elbow to your face, preferably in time to the beat, and there you have it, a dance move so simple […]