You can now get your vagina high

We women go through a lot a shit, and with that ‘time of the month’ once again, lurking up behind me, I feel the urge to bitch and moan, uncontrollably rising.

While it sucks for most of us, it isn’t all bad if you live in California. See, these women now have bragging rights to a nifty new weed-type-tampon which claims to alleviate period cramps in 15 to 20 mins – leaving it’s users feeling blissed out and pain free for hours on end…

Free to go about their merry day.

The legends at Foria, an American based business, experimenting with pleasure inducing cannabis infused oils and pain relief products, have come up with the genius invention of a tampon-shaped ‘stick a weed’. It has a ‘butter cream’ consistency that you insert and let dissolve in your ‘hoo-hah’

You’re basically stoning your vagina… telling your cramps to scram and go find someone else’s uterus to strangle.

We’ve found a video of two women lucky enough to experiment with it and report on its effects (see video below). It’s official name is ‘Foria relief’, and it’ll set you back $44 US for a four pack. But can we really put a price on happiness in a stick? I think not.

Our vaginas deserve a bit of down time every now again. They’re kind of important you know, vagina’s are basically responsible for the continuation of the human race.

So, while I sit here and enviously watch these blessed women grinning about how good their vaginas feel, I’ll continue to numb the pain with mouthfuls of hazelnut chocolate, while watching The Notebook and occasionally crying at my dog, because down here in little old Australia, we cant seem to grow some balls and legalize weed.

To all other women out there in internet land, currently suffering the same painful fate as me, my thoughts and prayers are with you.

See you on the other side (preferably California, where we can safely shove weed up our Vag’s!)




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