The Stage Is Set For Round Three Of ‘House of Bacardi’


After the Brisbane leg of ‘House of Bacardi’ saw over 1000 punters descend upon the event – one that showed the alcohol giant truly were changemakers and luminaries in the nightlife scene – the rolling tour is just one day shy of taking over Melbourne. With a plan to spend their summer supporting those who are changing the cultural fabric of their cities, Bacardi’s free party series is a reminder that all is not lost when it comes to late night haunts.

In unison with the parties, Bacardi are shooting a three-part video series that explores Australian nightlife, and more specifically, the cultural curators that continue to keep us dancing all night. Filmed at the Brisbane party, the first episode serves as a wondrous precursor to the Melbourne event, and features gang like The Creases , DJ Sezzo Snot, Bedlam Records , and A Love Supreme.

The core of House of Bacardi is celebrating nightlife culture, and in no shy way does the concept takes a stand against the tightening restrictions we face in the Australian nightlife scene. In addition to the event video, a ‘party talk’ clip gives insight into the current nightlife landscape, all from the perspective of those who know it best. Perhaps most succinctly, Alex from A Love Supreme ends the video with a pertinent that directly addresses the lockout laws: ”Don’t do what Sydney did!” he says.

If you want to get involved in the Melbourne event on December 1st (yeah, tomorrow), RSVP right-about-now and thank the higher powers that brands like Bacardi are going above and beyond to counterweight the worrying nightlife legislations.

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