KFC’s Facing A Chicken Shortage and Closing Down Its Stores

Being an adult in 2018 is wonderful, insofar as you can get yourself a 21-piece-feed whenever and wherever you like. 21 pieces of artery-clogging chicken. That’s a lot of dirty birds. But what happens when the chickens run out? It’s a conundrum that hundreds of KFC restaurants around Britain are facing currently, as the golden […]

Monkey Gets Drunk, Goes On A Rampage and Falls Asleep At The Bar

There’s a theory in anthropology known as the ‘drunk monkey hypothesis‘. It essentially posits that alcoholic apes – those who had a predilection for getting fuckeyed on naturally-occurring ethanol – were favoured by natural selection, insofar as their alcoholism heightened their appetite for fermented fruit and increased their intake of calories. On this model, we […]

Sorry, But Now There’s Rugrats Porn

Rule #34 of the internet states that: “If it exists, there is porn of it – no exception.” It’s a law that’s been proven right time after god-awful time, and one that has serious, far-reaching implications. Because many things exist. Many, many things that should never be made into porn for reasons that we really […]