White Nationalists Are Getting Awkward Results On Their Ancestry Tests

Genetic ancestry tests are cracking eggs onto the faces of white nationalists everywhere, as many of the self-proclaimed ‘purebreds’ are discovering that they’re not so ‘pure’ after all. In a study presented earlier this week, sociologists Aaron Panofsky and Joan Donovan discuss how a number of quasi-European racial extremists are being shunned and exiled by their […]

Melbourne Council Gives Australia Day Celebrations The Flick

A Melbourne council has made history overnight by becoming the first in the nation to shun Australia Day celebrations. Yarra City councillors unanimously voted that the so-called ‘invasion day’ of January 26 should no longer be referred to as Australia Day. As of next year, out of respect for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, […]

Drinking Beer Could Make You Smarter, Study Finds

You know that point, somewhere between your first and your ninety-first sip of beer, when you feel like you’re operating at a slightly higher cognitive level? When your mind is clear, your wit sharp and your banter ripe? It’s a strange feeling, insofar as it goes against the grain of everything we’ve been told about […]

Horny Millennial Caught Wanking During The Emoji Movie

In a result that’s sure to surprise absolutely no one, The Emoji Movie is proving to be a train-wreck of cinematic proportions. Critics have unanimously lambasted the computer-animated piece of dogshit – mainly for the fact that it’s a fucking emoji movie – with the film currently wearing a modest 1.5/10 rating on IMDb, and a […]