What Would A Decriminalised Drug Culture In Australia Look Like?

Earlier this week, a cohort of former politicians, prosecutors and police commissioners came out in support of a controversial new report that barracks for the decriminalisation of drug use in Australia. The report, launched by independent think-tank Australia21, entertains the hypothesis of a ‘white market’ model wherein the recreational consumption of narcotics is permitted and […]

Portrait Of A Beast: A Story of Anxiety and Depression

The beast that is anxiety and depression is one to consume you, physically and mentally. It’s a beast that takes away simple pleasures in everyday life. I, myself, have met this creature and its destructive nature. And I know I’m not alone: if you’re reading this, you yourself have probably suffered from depression and/or anxiety or […]

Turns Out Hitler Was Addicted To Meth

It comes off like cheap soccer-mom propaganda: “Hitler did drugs, you know. He did the dope and the crack and the speed and look how he turned out.” The premise is unbelievable because it’s just too much; it’s too hackneyed. But in a textbook case of reality panning out stranger than fiction, the Fuhrer’s fondness– […]

You Know What Grinds My Gears? Smoke Breaks

For five years of my life that felt like ten years of my life, I worked in pubs and bars. I am not without my grievances. I mean, if you take the shitty hours, the shittier patrons and the body clock of an over-caffeinated bat then what you have there is a bitter, God-awful cocktail. […]

How To Fend Off A Quarter-Life Crisis

I had my first ageing-related crisis when I was nine. This was because I believed in animal reincarnation right up until my mum hit me with the hard facts, shortly after my ninth birthday (she was as shocked as I was–we are not religious, and definitely not Hindus). Some people say they lost their childhood […]

Shelving Your Weed Could Save You From Tripping

Turns out having a stick up your arse might not be such a bad thing after all. Whilst depositing a handful of cannabis into one’s own sphincter is probably the last thing any self-respecting stoner would ever want to do, one British Columbian weed clinic has suggested that shelving the sweet leaf may in fact be […]

The Australian Majority Are In Support Of Pill-Testing, Poll Finds

Two weeks ago, 31 revellers at Melbourne’s Electric Parade Music Festival overdosed on a dangerous batch of so-called ‘party drugs’. I say so-called because, despite the fact that these 31 individuals would later be hospitalised in critical conditions by what health professionals have since identified as GHB, the substances were presumably taken under that unfortunate […]