Man With Cripplingly Enormous Dick Refuses To Have It Downsized

54-year-old Roberto Esquival Cabrera, of Saltillo, Mexico, boasts what has got to be the world’s biggest human schlong. How big? Fucking really big. Big enough to fend off wolves. Big enough to prevent him from dropping to his knees. So big that it genuinely needs its own pillow when Cabrera sleeps at night, unable to lie on […]

Weed Might Actually Be Good For Dogs

A friend with weed is a friend indeed– and man’s best friend is a friend in need, apparently. According to medicinal cannabis company Creso Pharma, marijuana is in fact good for dogs, and can be used to treat a range of conditions including anxiety, arthritis and diabetes. The Australian-listed start-up company’s philosophy is somewhat simple: […]

This Video Of A Snake Vs A Spider Is Peak Australia

I have a mate from England who’s convinced he’ll die if he comes to Australia. He conceives of Oz as this beautiful, sun-kissed landscape of death: where we have snakes in our bed, redbacks in our toilet seats and great whites in our swimming pools. In my experience, it’s a fairly common perception of the […]