NT Police Post ‘Fully Lit’ Anti-Drug Video, Proving They’re Totally With It

Proving that cops can be pretty darn ~woke~, the Northern Territory Police released a funky AF anti-drug video yesterday, instructing punters on how to “have a fully lit time at Bass In The Grass” music festival in Darwin. Senior Constable Dean Elliott, “TV legend and instructional guru”, is the shining star of this 80’s-nostalgic masterpiece, along […]

Man Gets ‘Stress Relieving Toy’ Stuck Up His Arse

This, people, is why we can’t have nice things: because if we did, we’d probably stick them up our arse. Fidget spinners are the latest addition to the seemingly endless list of inanimate objects humans are willing to shaft, apparently, after a man from Boise, Idaho let his sexual curiosity get the better of him. […]

No Life Without Death

Death. It really is the shittest part of life. The be all and end all. The inevitable. It happens around us every day, yet it is so far from our thoughts. How often does a person sit down and really think about the fact that one day, every single person they love will be gone? […]

How Nannying Shocked Me Into Abstinence

As a nanny through most of my university years, I’ve seen some things. Things I can’t unsee. Between glassy-eyed mothers, balding fathers, and the war zone that is the after school pick up line, it’s safe to say parenting ain’t all that and a lunchbox-size bag of chips. The modern world has conditioned us to […]