Australia Is One Of The Global Leaders In The Online Drugs Trade

For a nation of some 23 million odd punters, Australia’s punching well above its weight class in the darknet drug ring. Research presented at last week’s Victorian Alcohol and Drug Association Conference concluded that the land down under harbors more online drug vendors per capita than any other nation in the world, not including the […]

I Just Quit My Job And I Don’t Know How To Feel

Today I walked out of my job for the last time. I quit. Done, finished, complete. Me, the girl who has held shitty job after shitty job since she was 14 and 9 months said nope, that’s enough. It’s time to live a little–it’s time to quit crap job number 5 without a plan. Throughout […]

Aussie Battler Gets Done For Drink Driving A Motorised Esky

Each year, on January 26th, thousands of proud Australians from all around the nation push the boundaries of drunken debauchery and discover new ways to get ratshit, get rowdy and probably get arrested. 2017 was no different– but of those unwieldy thousands, one local Aussie renegade managed to rise head and shoulders above the rest. 21-year-old James […]

Human Civilisation Exists Because Of Booze, Says Science

It’s not exactly uncommon, around this time of year, to start feeling a little beer battered: to feel like your liver’s finally packed it in and your kidneys are starting to liquefy. Between Christmas, New Year’s and the summertime slizzard season, it’s little surprise that February typically starts with thousands of bleary-eyed booze-hounds banishing alcohol […]

Seven Foolproof Excuses To Get Out Of Work This Friday

Australia Day; Invasion Day; Triple J’s Hottest 100 Day– whatever you want to call it, January 26th is coming round the bend. And, with this year’s public holiday falling seductively on a Thursday, experts are forecasting the Australian economy to take a hit of some $54 million as thousands of Aussies tap out of work […]