Study Finds Owning Heaps Of Cats Isn’t A Sign You’re Batshit Insane

It wasn’t just that great Simpson’s episode featuring the crazy woman with the cats that made us think cat ladies were crazy. It’s actually backed, until recently, by science. The common parasite toxoplasma gondii is one that’s commonly carried by cats, and researchers had linked that with mental health issues and, thus, the crazy cat […]

The Silly Ibis Facebook Page Will Consume You

In 2015, we wrote an article solely dedicated to saying “fuck you” to the Ibis population of Brisbane city. The bin juice drinkers are everywhere, constantly look like want to attack you, then look so amazingly stupid when they run away as you approach them. There’s just something about ibis – the rat of the […]

Ten Cents Change

Growing up my mum taught me that volunteering was the most valuable thing you could do with your time. In grade eleven she took me to a nursing home and signed me up for a six month buddy program. She said as long as I kept it up, each week she’d buy pizza for my friends and […]

How To Deal With Your Bruss Boyfriend

Yeah, I’m dating a bruss. One of those guys who says things like ‘macros’ and does ‘meal prep’ and probably jabs a needle into his ass cheek when I’m not around so he can get ‘extra jacked’. My bruss is pretty hard on the outside, relatively soft on the inside, but pretty thick wherever you […]

Our Attitude Toward Drugs Is Killing Us: Part 1

As part of an ongoing mini-series, we’ve called upon an individual to dive into the evolution of Australia’s drug use, from its trade and perception to enforcement and penalties. Ryan* has a wealth of anecdotal experience on the topic, both first and second hand. Despite an admirable length of sobriety, he continues to research the topic […]

How A Week On Happn Changed My Life

I find no shame in admitting I’ve done the merry-go-round as far as online dating goes. I’ve tried each crevice of the digital world, none all that much better than the other. Like the majority of my friendship circle – most of whom are wags – we had as much fun as we did funny […]

Things I Think About Your Zany Bow Tie

Some people wear bow ties. They just do. Some people wear normal ties. Sometimes those people then do other normal things, like take them off before they go out to a nightclub. But other guys? Well, other guys go home, eat spaghettio’s for dinner, then put a white button up on and say things like […]