Australian Artist Ben Frost Is Making X- Rated Pop Art Packaging

Now living in Japan, Australian artist Ben Frost hasn’t lost the kind of humour inherent to our great nation. Despite this, he’s most certainly gained a broader view of the world, evident in his pop-art body of work, which fuses references of Japanese Manga with general commercial trash. The result? A brilliant, awkward, wonderful affair […]

How A Week On Happn Changed My Life

I find no shame in admitting I’ve done the merry-go-round as far as online dating goes. I’ve tried each crevice of the digital world, none all that much better than the other. Like the majority of my friendship circle – most of whom are wags – we had as much fun as we did funny […]

Things I Think About Your Zany Bow Tie

Some people wear bow ties. They just do. Some people wear normal ties. Sometimes those people then do other normal things, like take them off before they go out to a nightclub. But other guys? Well, other guys go home, eat spaghettio’s for dinner, then put a white button up on and say things like […]

The cambyo Intimacy Survey

Break down taboos and understand the changing landscape   If you want to jump right into it, you can TAKE THE SURVEY NOW. Otherwise, read on for more info. We are still in the infancy stages of human sexuality research, and we know very little about this aspect of our lives. There is much we can […]