How A Week On Happn Changed My Life

I find no shame in admitting I’ve done the merry-go-round as far as online dating goes. I’ve tried each crevice of the digital world, none all that much better than the other. Like the majority of my friendship circle – most of whom are wags – we had as much fun as we did funny business during our time online, and while it shone rays of light down the endless crevice, it was an endless crevice none-the-less. Or at least that’s what I thought.

When a particularly exuberant lady friend of mine spoke wonders of happn, I feigned excitement the same way I do when a man brags about how spicy he likes his Nando’s chicken. The concept alone was relatively simple. Whoever is reading this right now, wherever you may be, I have no doubt you’ve crossed paths with someone at least once in your lifetime and wondered, “What if?” Of course, the hunky ten-star continued to stroll past you and off into a future void of you. Though what if he’d thought the same of you? What if you both had happn, an app that lets you connect with the flirty Italian barista or the cute delivery guy who fumbled over his words.

I nonchalantly downloaded the app and expected nothing from it. I found myself on it every so often, and slowly but surely, I started to use it more. Then, like clockwork, something magical happened: I turned into a unicorn. Not really.

Quite the opposite, actually. Happn managed to integrate so seamlessly into my everyday life that by the time I found myself actually engaging in conversation with people that I crossed paths with, I’d almost forgotten it existed. And the beauty is in that very element. It might be that you frequent the same coffee shop, or like the same place for Friday knock offs. In my case, it was a quaint bookstore down a road not so well known.

Seeing James in real life, the brown hair and the blue eyes, made it all so much more real than an image on a phone. And that’s where happn shines. I wouldn’t have had the courage to waltz on over to him and profess my attraction, but the ‘third party’ that is happn made it possible to start a conversation following a real life encounter. So I guess in retrospect, it’s the subtly that got me – the fact he sent me a ‘Charm’ – and the way we naturally grew closer and closer. If you’re anything like me and nearing the end of your dating-world fuse, perhaps you should give it a try! You can download the happn app here.


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