An Old Lady has been Accidentally Praying to a Lord of the Rings Toy Everyday

Everyone’s Grandparents do weird shit. Some things might be pretty vanilla like only drinking from a certain cup and some grandparents think the Christmas tree is a Japanese prisoner of war and attempt to bayonet it with a bread knife – what a fun Christmas that was. Most of the time, grandparents are in a harmless stage of weird, they might be hard to talk to or difficult to understand, but if you chuck on Hueys Cooking Adventures they’ll happily mong out for a couple of hours while you go about your life.

One woman from Brazil found that her Grandmother had been doing weird old people stuff, but every single day. Gabriela Brandão pointed out that the small figurine that her Grandmother had been praying to daily was not actually Saint Anthony as she first assumed. What she thought was a prayer object was actually a small model of Elrond, an elf from The Lord of the Rings.

Calling it the “funniest discovery of 2016,” Gabriela posted the figurine to Facebook and the post has been shared over 3.5k times. Sir Ian McKellen, the actor that played Gandalf, had a pretty good giggle at it and it looks like everyone’s rolling their eyes at another crazy old person moment. To be fair, though, I’d be so down to worship a Lord of the Rings character as my god. Having a 5-foot ceramic statue of Gollum in my home won’t only serve as a way to show my faith, it’ll make visitors feel right at home!


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