The Silly Ibis Facebook Page Will Consume You

In 2015, we wrote an article solely dedicated to saying “fuck you” to the Ibis population of Brisbane city. The bin juice drinkers are everywhere, constantly look like want to attack you, then look so amazingly stupid when they run away as you approach them. There’s just something about ibis – the rat of the sky – that makes you want to throw up in the bin they spend their days eating from.

Admittedly, there’s a level of appreciation that comes with the ibis bond. It’s like a cult, and your leader is a thousand terrible looking birds that have beaks that as bent as the dorsal fins on Seaworld’s (fuck you) killer whales. There’s even a hotel chain named Ibis, which was either a really awesome troll from a junior marketing executive, a poor cross-country translation of a huge clusterfuck of a ‘yep, let’s do it.”

On top of all that sits the Silly Ibises Performing Unusual Activities Facebook page, and endless hole of fairly amazing content about our fucked up friends. I’ve spent a whole day wasting time on there, though they’ve recently outdone themselves with this little gem:

We strongly suggest getting involved.


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