Bro With The Famous Mullet Didn’t Get Any Defamation Dollars

Ziggy Mosslmani has an absolute belter of a mullet. Like, one of the most serious mullets I’ve ever seen. If you hadn’t mulleted before and you saw this mullet a Commodore V8 would run you over. Understatements aside, Mooslmani does have the world’s worst mullet, and when he got turnt at an 18th birthday party in […]

How To Avoid Cooking Yourself On Flakka


Flakka is that drug US authorities always associate with cannibalism. Whether or not eating people is a side effect of taking the drug is yet to be proven, but people do seem to get pretty hungry on it. Not like weed hungry, either. Like, ‘meat off the bone until you’re tased in the neck’ hungry. […]

QLD Now Has The Most Chill Marijuana Laws In Australia

forbidden flower

On Wednesday night, state parliament unanimously passed the Public Health (Medicinal Cannabis) Bill 2016, set to come into effect in March of 2017. The act of cannabis legalisation is not the first of its kind, with the substance already legal in Victoria and New South Wales. Though the specifics of the QLD act set great distance between it […]

Authoritative NHS Survey Shows Worrying Mental Health Trends


New data released by NHS Digital has shown key progressions in the state of mental health throughout England. Described by the BBC as a comprehensive and authoritative snapshot, the report has highlighted the ever-changing state of mental wellbeing since 1993. Carried out every seven years, the most recent report didn’t show a ‘dramatic’ rise in the prevalence of mental […]

200 Turnt Kids Jumped Fence, Attacked Police At Listen Out


Police are investigating a hectic outbreak at the Joondalup (Perth) leg of Listen Out Music festival. The incident involved hundreds of teenagers gatecrashing the event, ending in three officers being assaulted, one of them by a biting attacker (probably gurning). Dozens of supporting officers arrived at the scene soon after to help control the situation. Reports […]

Check Out This Cooked As Fuck Father-Son Burnout Duo


Some loose unit named Alex Dobson has shared a video of his son Riley ripping some serious burnouts outside their home in Queeensland. The video, which clearly shows the five-year-old going HAM, has since gone viral and got the irresponsible father in a whole heap of shit. Alongside being investigated by child protection services, the majority […]

Trying (And Hating) The World’s Deadliest Drug


Over the past 12 hours, almost every Australian news outlet has reported on ‘the world’s deadliest drug entering Australia’. If you’ve been keeping up to date with the tabloid’s regurgitated fluff, one would easily assume the reports are delayed fear chatter about Fentanyl. In an extremely brief, abstract sense, fentanyl is a stronger version of heroin: […]