A Dating App For Trump Supporters Had A Major Fuck Up On The First Day & Who Could Have Predicted That?

There are two subgroups of people who are looked down upon by society. Whether it was a choice they made themselves or if they were simply born in this manner, it doesn’t exactly help their case. I am talking, of course, about the two worst demographics on the internet: extremely horny people and Trump supporters. […]

Watching Snoop Dogg Narrate Nature Videos Will Make Your Week

  Every so often, a Jimmy Kimmel segment comes along and reminds everyone why they bother watching the show again. Although there are some absolute crackers, Snoop Dogg taking on the nature documentary genre is what I live and breathe for. Snoop Dogg has a fairly unique way of conveying nature’s stories, mainly through “Oh […]

Over 200 Marriages Have Ended Thanks To Fortnite

At this point, Fortnite is becoming that fart that sticks around forever and there doesn’t seem to be any change on the horizon, until the army of 12 year-olds who decide whats cool want to try something else, we’re essentially stuck. Fortnite is starting to cause some real-life problems though, as one divorce website has […]