Elderly Care Home Brings In Pole Dancers To Liven Things Up A Tad

Sitting in an old folks home waiting to die would be pretty fucking depressing, but getting a bunch of attractive young females to entertain you and remind you of your own mortality would probably be much worse. An elderly care home in England decided it would be a grand idea to explore that route, and […]

David Attenborough Raves Are A Very Real And Incredible Thing

I think it’s fair to say that the age group of 18-25 appreciates David Attenborough more than any other demographic in the world, as it’s become a cultural tradition to get mad cooked and watch the 91-year-old narrate the shit out of some animals. If you’re keen to combine your appreciation of an old man’s […]

Monkey Gets Drunk, Goes On A Rampage and Falls Asleep At The Bar

There’s a theory in anthropology known as the ‘drunk monkey hypothesis‘. It essentially posits that alcoholic apes – those who had a predilection for getting fuckeyed on naturally-occurring ethanol – were favoured by natural selection, insofar as their alcoholism heightened their appetite for fermented fruit and increased their intake of calories. On this model, we […]