Matt Groening’s New Show Is About A Drunk Princess And Features Eric Andre

The man responsible for giving us countless enjoyable evenings in front of the television and a thriving meme culture is back and better than ever with a wonderfully whimsical fantasy show featuring an absolutely star-studded cast. Disenchantment, an animated comedy series from the mastermind of Matt Groening, has recently been greenlighted by Netflix and looks set […]

Jake Paul’s Neighbours Are Considering A Class Action Law Suit ‘Cos He’s An Absolute Dickhead

Jake Paul is the literal embodiment of just being too much, man. If you’ve ever had the displeasure of watching one of his many, many daily vlogs, then you’ll probably know this already. Lots of click bait, over-exaggerated reactions and dumb pranks make him a walking cringe-fest that you can’t look away from. He’s most famous for his […]