In News That Will Shock No One, Sydney Residents Use Way More Coke Than The Rest Of Australia

Do me a favour, close your eyes and picture the typical Sydneysider in your head. They’re probably super tanned from lounging at Bondi all day, dressed in environmentally conscious yet somehow excessively priced clothing, and they’re also probably ducking into a bag of rack like that bird from The Simpsons. via GIPHY At least, that’s […]

Michelin-Starred Chef Invites Football Team To Celebrate Properly After Trump’s Embarrasingly Shit ‘Feast’

The Clemson Tigers had an unbelievable season of College Football, ultimately ending the year as undefeated champions and bulldozing any opposition they faced. You’d think that reaching that level of athletic achievement would result in a pretty significant reward, yet when the team arrived at the White House for a meal with Trump they were […]