Crafty Teens Trick Soccer Announcer Into Asking For Car Rego “NE14 ABJ”

Remember when you were a young teenager and any inkling of sexual or bodily functions would garner unbridled giggling from you and your mates? Well I’m pleased to report that tradition is well and truly going strong, as some young fellas in the crowd of a soccer game in England managed to trick the announcer […]

Michelin-Starred Chef Invites Football Team To Celebrate Properly After Trump’s Embarrasingly Shit ‘Feast’

The Clemson Tigers had an unbelievable season of College Football, ultimately ending the year as undefeated champions and bulldozing any opposition they faced. You’d think that reaching that level of athletic achievement would result in a pretty significant reward, yet when the team arrived at the White House for a meal with Trump they were […]