Police catch pigeon with a backpack full of pingas

Smuggling any kind of drug anywhere is a tense and unpleasant affair. Sure, we’ve heard from all the long haired festival grommets who failed grade 10 science but have a perfectly reasonable scientific explanation as to why a sniffer dog won’t be able to sus any drugs if they’re hidden amongst some highly reliable granulated […]

PSA: Menstrual Blood Does Not Attract Sharks

It’s “one of those misconceptions that refuses to die”, apparently: the idea that women on their period are more likely to trigger shark attacks. More likely than women not on their period, that is – or, you know, men. To be fair, it’s not too hard to see the train of thought here. Periods involve a […]

Shrooms Are The Safest Drug In The World, Study Finds

In the eternal words of Howard Moon: “We all like having fun, but it’s even more fun when we can have safe fun.” Well Howard would be over the bloody moon after hearing the findings of this year’s Global Drug Survey, which concluded that magic mushrooms are in fact the safest drug to be taken recreationally. Trusted as […]