Crafty Teens Trick Soccer Announcer Into Asking For Car Rego “NE14 ABJ”

Remember when you were a young teenager and any inkling of sexual or bodily functions would garner unbridled giggling from you and your mates?

Well I’m pleased to report that tradition is well and truly going strong, as some young fellas in the crowd of a soccer game in England managed to trick the announcer into asking someone to move a white Nissan Micra, number plate “NE14 ABJ”.

If you’re still unsure what they’re getting at, allow me to help you out. “NE14 ABJ” said allowed sounds remarkably like “Anyone for a BJ? Of course, you’d probably miss that if you had to read it first time for a crowd of people.

Of course, the culprits are exactly who you’d expect to find a blow job joke at a soccer game absolutely bloody hilarious. Fair play to them, they’ve earned some serious playground street cred.

Not only did the boys get to pull one over on the club, but they bloody well got rewarded for it as well.

β€œIt was a great bit of harmless fun that snuck through, and it put a smile on the face of tens of thousands of people today,” the club said in a tweet.


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