Lightsaber Duelling Is Now A Legit Sport, So Get Slashin’

As a young ruffian, belting the absolute shit out of your “friends” was considered grade A humour and the fights only seemed to stop when someone got whacked on the finger and started crying.

Now, you can bring those unmatched levels of testosterone into a real sporting arena, as France’s Fencing Federation (try saying that out loud) have recently recognised lightsaber as a legitimate form of competition.

How it works is that two people enter a ring, and attempt to whack the shit out of each other. Head and body shots are worth 5 points, arms and legs 3 while a cheeky hand shot is only worth one. The winner is the first to 15 points or whoever’s winning after 3 minutes.

Another rule is that you are required to draw the lightsaber back after every swing, which means the audience are treated to a ‘uge fuck off battle and not two nerds poking each other for 3 minutes.

Apparently, setting yourself up with all the protective gear required as well as a trusty lightsaber will set you back around $400, which is a small price to pay to be able to protect the galaxy.

Here’s hoping lightsaber duelling makes its way over here, I’ve got some heads to crack and sabers to swing.


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