Cop A Look At Netflix’s Juicy New Doco About Fyre Festival, The Worst Event Of All Time

Fyre Festival will go down as one of the funniest and most unfortunate things that have ever happened to a bunch of rich people. Fyre Festival is literally synonymous with overpromising something only to brutally underdeliver to the point where people absolutely despise you.

The doco dives into what exactly was going through the heads of Ja Rule and Billy McFarland when they agreed to put together the experience, which was supposed to feature luxury dining, celebrities and more Insta worthy moments than you can shake a stick out.

Instead, punters were put into refugee tents, served depressing pieces of plain bread and essentially told to piss off and fend for themselves.

As a result, Billy McFarland is currently serving a 6 year sentence after defrauding investors by more than $36 million, and after the doco trailer aired it looks like he’s set for a load more shit coming his way.

Netflix is releasing the hotly anticipated series on January 18, get keen.


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