Have A Gander At This Bloke’s Soul Crushing NYE Kiss Attempt

The word “cringe” gets thrown around a lot these days. It seems like anything that didn’t go absolutely flawless is deemed as a fail, and as such anyone is liable to be called about for being socially inept.

However, nothing will deliver blood-curdling cringe right into your bloodstream like a good old fashioned failed kiss attempt, and have we got an absolute doozy for you.

Picture this, you’re celebrating New Years Eve at one of those wanky breakfast television events, standing next to a long time crush with grand ambitions of proving your high school bullies wrong and copping a cheeky kiss on national television.

Sounds easy right? Wrong. Oh so wrong.

An American student living in Holland spotted the cringe encounter on TV and decided to share it with the world. It has since been liked over 200,000 times on Twitter and at some point you’ve got to feel sorry for the poor bloke.

Give the video a squizz here and make your own mind up whether this guy is a social pariah or just one very, very unlucky fella.

Here’s to wishing you and yours a Happy New Year from everyone at Your Friends House.


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