New ‘Marijuana Degree’ Will Teach You How To Grow And Sell Pot

Ask any Reddit-ing college bro who’s ever listened to a Joe Rogan podcast and they’ll tell you that weed is the way of the future, man. By which they mostly mean the medical marijuana industry is about to blow up, bringing with it a butt-ton of fresh new jobs.

As the great bud bandwagon continues to pick up steam, more and more learned doctors, scientists and academics are jumping on board for a slice of that sweet hashy pie. Even budding businessmen who could nary distinguish a skunk leaf from a salvia weed are cottoning on to the fact that cannabis may well be the next craft beer; the next coffee bean; the next Bitcoin.

And who’s going to rear these ganjapreneurs of tomorrow? Why, the universities of course. One university in particular, to start with, where students now have the opportunity to study a degree in marijuana.

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Northern Michigan University (NMU) in Marquette has just started its medical plant chemistry program: a course that combines chemistry, biology, botany, horticulture, marketing and finance. The four-year program, strongly geared towards the United States’ burgeoning marijuana industry, is attracting a wealth of bright-eyed students.

“We’re gaining students every week,” said Dr. Mark Paulsen, director of the university’s chemistry department. “With a full 12 months of recruitment, we expect that to grow.”

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Getting approval for the course from the NMU Board of Trustees was a cakewalk, apparently – especially once it was made clear that no one would actually be growing marijuana. Instead, students learn how to grow and extract compounds from other, similar medicinal plants, with the intention of transferring that knowledge to cannabis.

“Many of the [American] states are legalising different substances and they’re really looking for quality people to do the chemistry and the science,” said NMU trustee James Haveman. “And it’s the university’s responsibility to produce those kinds of students for those kinds of jobs.”

Read more about the program here.

Source: Detroit Free Press
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