Scientists Are Working On Creating “Amazing New Pot”

The future’s looking green for anyone with even a passing interest in pot. In a few years’ time, the happy herb is set to see a revolution not only in its prosperity but also in its effects, says American bio-scientist Mowgli Holmes.

“People don’t realise that the plant is about to be over-the-top interesting, and it’s going to be very different than what we have now,” said Holmes in a recent interview with Vocativ– and out of anyone in the world, he should know. Holmes is the co-founder of Phylos Bioscience, a biotech company committed to sequencing the DNA of every kind of weed there is in order to provide a platform for scientific research into the plant.

The goal is a complete genetic map, and Holmes has already garnered a myriad of different strains through samples he’s received from weed breeders and private collectors. Once a strain is in the database– Golden Pineapple, say– Phylos can then compare and match other pseudo samples to gauge the legitimacy of what people are actually selling. In this way, the company stands to offer a gold standard for validating different kinds of weed.

That could prove invaluable for an industry set to go the way of wine and craft beer, where discerning purveyors will seek out different types and ‘flavours’ for their unique, interesting properties. Holmes himself believes that: “That’s kind of a good model for how cannabis can work.”

Perhaps most interesting, though, is the way in which this kind of scientific research and understanding could help create and engineer a whole new kind of pot. “When we understand this plant better we’re going to be able to help breeders make absolutely crazy, wild weed,” said Holmes. “There’s going to be cannabis around that would be unthinkable today.”

He elaborates further: “With this mapping… we can work with breeders… and make beautiful, amazing plants that… have unexpected mysterious effects and that really bring out the potential of the plant.

“We want to help breeders make crazy, crazy, amazing new pot.”


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