Cannabis-Infused Coffee Could Soon Be A Thing

If killing two birds and getting stoned sounds like something that’d flick your switch, then holy Jeez has Christmas come early for you. San Diegan ganjapreneurs Brewbudz have revealed plans to release a series of cannabis-infused coffee pods to the US market—promising to make that whole wake and bake thing, like, twice as easy.

“Cannabis and coffee are two important rituals that we have brewed into one,” boasts the Brewbudz website in a description of the product. The single-serve pods of “West Coast Roast” Arabica, which are designed to be compatible with the common Keurig household coffee machine, will contain about 10 milligrams of THC for recreational users and up to 50 milligrams for people using it medicinally.

And while a cuppa Joe and Mary Jane may seem like strange bedfellows—one to perk up, the other to wind down—Brewbudz promises that their pot-pods are “lifestyle integrated [for the] regular customer.” The secret is in the sativa-dominant weed mix, which stimulates rather than stultifies—meaning you can get toasted from your roast and still go about your day as a normally functioning human.

Of course, since the Australian government’s weed policy more or less states that we can’t have nice things, cannabis-coffee will for now only be available in those US states where marijuana use is legalised. If nothing else, though, the very idea of a cuppa that’ll get you buzzed going to market is another big step in normalising weed-based edibles—putting these kinds of products on the boil, as it were, for when the trend inevitably percolates down under.


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