How I Went From Running My Own Restaurant To Living In An Ecuadorian Prison

Names in this article have been omitted or changed _________ About three years ago, I set off from Melbourne on what was to become a trip around South America. Over the years working in hospitality, I´d made quite a few friends from Brazil and Colombia, and finally I was going to get a chance to […]

No Life Without Death

Death. It really is the shittest part of life. The be all and end all. The inevitable. It happens around us every day, yet it is so far from our thoughts. How often does a person sit down and really think about the fact that one day, every single person they love will be gone? […]

How I Stay Alive: Living with Bipolar II Disorder

Words by Hannah Ragen I live with bipolar II disorder. I will live with it forever. It is a part of my normal life, something that cannot be avoided, ignored. It insists on being at the forefront of my existence, day in and day out. When I envision my mental illness, it looks like this: […]

Portrait Of A Beast: A Story of Anxiety and Depression

The beast that is anxiety and depression is one to consume you, physically and mentally. It’s a beast that takes away simple pleasures in everyday life. I, myself, have met this creature and its destructive nature. And I know I’m not alone: if you’re reading this, you yourself have probably suffered from depression and/or anxiety or […]

Ten Cents Change

Growing up my mum taught me that volunteering was the most valuable thing you could do with your time. In grade eleven she took me to a nursing home and signed me up for a six month buddy program. She said as long as I kept it up, each week she’d buy pizza for my friends and […]

I Just Quit My Job And I Don’t Know How To Feel

Today I walked out of my job for the last time. I quit. Done, finished, complete. Me, the girl who has held shitty job after shitty job since she was 14 and 9 months said nope, that’s enough. It’s time to live a little–it’s time to quit crap job number 5 without a plan. Throughout […]