Woman Trying To Eradicate Bugs Accidentally Burns House Down

In my humble opinion, insects, spiders, bugs and basically anything tiny that can crawl or fly is the work of the devil and should be cleansed in the fiery depths of hell.

Unfortunately, we also live in Australia which could actually be described as the fiery depths of hell itself, so pretty much anything small that can kill you as made a cosy little home in our fair country.

So, what are you to do when you come face to antenna with some creepy crawlies? You do what any sane, respectable member of society does and whip out a flamethrower to burn that bitch into oblivion.

I mean, that’s what happened to an American woman who encountered some bed bugs in her home, and while trying to eradicate them from existence she accidentally set her entire home on fire.


Apparently, the woman was using a type of alcohol to get rid of the bugs when a nearby candle set the apartment alight, engulfing the building in flames and endangering other residents.

Three people were treated for smoke inhalation, one resident was able to capture some footage as the blaze raged on.

Apparently, this type of situation is pretty common in America, where they are clearly much less apt at dealing with terrifying insects then we are down under, moite.

Source: Pedestrian.tv


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