Mother Of Bullying Victim Keaton Jones Is Apparently Hella Racist

Unless you’ve been living under a rock or dare I say, leading an active life that doesn’t revolve around spending 15 hours a day on the internet (shocker, I know) then you might have heard of a little fella called Keaton Jones.

Keaton’s Mum posted a video on Facebook that spread like wildfire, gaining him the support of tons of celebrities and people around the world, with one Go Fund Me page racking up a tidy $57K in just two days.

As is the case with most things that have happened in 2017, what was an inspiring story of compassion and understanding is actually complete shit, as it’s been discovered that Keaton’s mother is allegedly racist.

She has since privatised or deleted most of her social media presence, but Kimberly Jones’ Facebook page showed a number of photos of her posing with the Confederate flag, a known symbol of white supremacy and racism, and also a bizarre rant she posted just two weeks after the Charlottesville protests.

An account allegedly belonging to Keaton himself sprang up overnight, with a post apologising for his mother’s behavior.

“This is Keaton. I want to apologise on behalf of my mum for the things she has said towards other races. I love my mother but I also realise wrong is wrong. And what she said was wrong. I hope we can all put her mistakes in the past and focus on bettering the world. Thank you.”

Keaton’s sister has also posted on Twitter, claiming that none of the family are racist and the alleged accounts are fake.

It’s rather hard to make sense of the situation, as the internet echo chamber can smother one side of the story while promoting false information, at the same time these allegations are hard to ignore, especially as Keaton’s story brought so many people together and it would be extremely hypocritical if his mother was indeed a bully herself.

Donations have since been paused for the Go Fund Me’s set up for Keaton, the creators are working with the company in order to see how best to proceed.



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