Tupac’s Ex Is Trying To Flog His Dick Pic For A Measly $7.5K

Fellas, it’s 2017 and high time that we stopped being mercilessly sexualised and harassed for simply being the kings that we are.

Obviously, OBVIOUSLY, do not send unsolicited dick pics to random women on the internet, but if you do send a cheeky snap of your schlong and it finds its way into the world, then that’s not good.

Unfortunately, it looks like that’s exactly what is going to happen to one of the greatest rappers to have ever lived, Tupac, because his crazy snap-happy ex-girlfriend is doing her bloody best to flog a pic of his pecker to the highest bidder.

Apparently, back in the day, Tupac had a bit of a habit of whipping his dick out when he was around friends… yeah. He did it at a house party back in 1990, and his girlfriend at the time told him to put it away or she’d take a photo… he clearly didn’t listen because here we are.


She’s trying to sell it for $7,500, and there’s already an auction house involved that will try and sell it for her, failing that she plans on selling to the highest bidder.

I’m not sure if I’m just grossly underestimating the value of penises, but $7.5k seems like a tiny amount to pay to be able to say that you’ve got a picture of one of the most influential artist’s of all time penis.

Source: XXL


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