Watch This Nutcase Bust Out Of Handcuffs, Steal A Police Car And Then Crash It

In what can only be described as a live-action role play of Grand Theft Auto 5, police recently arrested a women for shoplifting, only to have her break out and steal the very car she was locked up in.

That’s right, 33-year-old Texas resident Toscha Sponsler was arrested by the Lufkin Police Department after calls were made about a possible shoplifter last Saturday. After leading police on chase on foot, coppers nabbed her and chucked her in the squad car while they investigated a bag of stolen goodies in her possession.

While the police were conducting searches, Toscha managed to remove her seat-belt, wriggle out of the handcuffs placed on her, climb through a small open partition and proceed to steal the car. Pretty fucking impressive if you ask me.

She then lead police on a 23 minute chase, reaching speeds of up to 160kph before she lost control of the vehicle and, uh, got arrested again.

Police noted that throughout the chase, she continued to reach for the car’s mounted shot gun, so thank god she didn’t turn this 3 star scuffle into a full blown 5 star hunt.

Police have said that the partition was originally left open to allow air conditioning to reach her and also so they could communicate with her. I’m sure they’ve learnt their lesson now.

She’s sure to cop an absolute fuck load of prison time, but at least we can watch the chaos unfold all thanks to technology and camera equipped police cars.




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