Pringles Are Releasing Chicken Salt And Meat Pie Flavours & Bloody Oath We Can Practically Taste Smoko

There’s nothing more Australian than tucking into some chips that have been absolutely lathered with artificial salt, or scoffing down a pie that’s bursting to the seams with unidentifiable meat and thick gravy. Fuark me, I’m even getting hungry just writing about it.

Well, luckily for all you chicken salt fiends and meat pie addicts, everyone’s favourite chip that comes in a ridiculously hard to manoeuvre can is doing the boys a favour and chucking some of Australia’s finest tastes onto their chips.

That’s right, Pringles have just announced that they’re adding two more flavours to their limited edition “Aussie Favourites” range. Because, why feel the need to go and actually get chips when you can just kick back and have the exact same flavour sensation rock your bloody world!

You can cop a can-full of goodness at a number of Woolworths and IGA supermarkets, for the low, low price of $3.99. Which, um, is probably cheaper than going out and actually getting the food on the label?

Honestly, I’m totally down to see more of this new Aussie Favourites range. Will we be treated to some Vegemite Pringles? Perhaps some Great Northern chips? Honestly I’m still holding out for the inevitable Winnie Blues flavour.

Get ’em before they’re gone, the new chicken salt and meat pie flavours won’t be around forever.

Source: Pringles Aus


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