Watch This Bloke Attempt To Cook Pancakes With A Laser

Remember that ingenious bloke who had the idea to make a bust out of the beloved actor and bald man Vin Diesel? Well, he’s back on his bullshit and more disturbing than ever in his quest to drag cooking into the future like some sort of twisted scientist.

William Osman’s YouTube channel is a wild ride, featuring such masterpieces as “Dangerous Toast Buttering Robot” and “Making Cotton Candy with an Angle Grinder“. He’s previously said that he “Does projects that revolve around film tech and robotics.” In his words, he enjoys making himself “look like a moron on the internet.”

So it was only logical that his next step involved cracking eggs with a hammer, questioning the definition of ‘cooked’ (just have a look around at a festival) and using bloody lasers to create some deliciously crispy pancakes.

The first attempt didn’t go swimmingly as the batter ran too thin and Osman’s wild aim resulted in some half cooked, half burnt atrocities. Things began to look up when old mate ingeniously created a program that would be better suited to the task at hand.

After a quick comparison with a properly cooked pancake, it was clear that the laser cooked cakes were somewhat lacking.

Have a gander at the video below, here’s hoping that Osman’s crazy creations will lead gastronomy to a bigger and brighter future – but hopefully not one with laser cooked pancakes.

Image: Munchies



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