Have A Gander At These Grannies Singing Beyonce To Save Their Bowling Club

The collective power of the internet is remarkable. While you might have to put up with 4chan trolls and YouTube commenters, for the most part, some legitimate good can actually be achieved when we all band together for one cause.

Missing people have been found, funding for groundbreaking projects has been secured and I’m pretty sure the McDonald’s Schezuan Sauce is on the way back. So yeah, you could say the internet has a bit of pulling power.

Now one of Australia’s most captivating ladies bowling club needs our help, and they’ve taken to the internet to get our attention. Chadstone Bowling Club in Victoria has channelled their inner pop star with a video pleading for help to stop their beloved club from being demolished.

Absolute dears Terry Foster, 82, Janine Hall, 82, and Wyn Hewett, 72 performed their very own rendition of Beyonce’s iconic ‘Single Ladies’ in a bid to raise awareness for their club which is set to be removed to make way for a lame netball and basketball stadium.

The video, which was pretty well put together for an elderly ladies bowling club, has since been shared more than 900,000 and the ladies have attracted plenty of attention for their v worthwhile cause.

If you’re keen to help, have a sus of the Facebook group here and sign the petition here.

Source: Facebook

Image: Pedestrian.tv


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