WATCH: News Anchor’s Fuck Up Is The Stuff of a Lazy Person’s Nightmares


It’s easy for the mind to wander while faced with the soul-crushing daily routine of doing your job. We’ve all endured a brief heart attack followed by immense looks of guilt when your boss pops around the corner to spot you on your phone. It’s that moment when your world is crashing down, that you realiseĀ posting a spicy meme in the group chat can probably wait till you’re in the comfort of a lengthy toilet break.

Everyone slacks off at work, the thing is most people have the sense not to be caught but what happens when you’re caught slacking off at a job that puts you in front of an audience of tens of thousands of people?

ABC News 24 anchor Natasha Exelby found out the hard way when she made the unfortunate mistake of admiring a pen just before the camera man cut to her. It’s a scene we’ve all experienced but never had the opportunity to analyse. The sharp intake of breath, look of sheer terror in her eyes and panicked voice of someone who knows they just fucked up but are trying to keep their cool are all relatable symptoms to the average lazy person.

Since the incident, many journalists have come out in solidarity of Natasha, and members of the public have shown their support. Just goes to show, when one person fucks up, we all fuck up. #Solidarity.

Source and image: ABC


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