Clowns Are Pissed Off That The Movie ‘It’ Is Ruining Their Business

The release of the new ‘It’ movie trailer reminded a lot of people about the thrilling antics of Pennywise the Clown, it also reminded people just how fucking terrifying clowns are, which has got many professional clowns pretty damn upset.

A lot of ‘working’ clowns are dreading another wave of anti-clown hate following the upcoming blockbuster’s release. Apparently, having a crazy killer clown associated with your business doesn’t exactly make people want to rush out and book you for an event.


The trailer for Stephen King’s It managed to break records, being streamed an insane 197 million times globally in just 24 hours, beating previous record holder The Fate of the Furious.

While some people rejoiced at the fact they’d be able to spend $17 to be genuinely scared shitless in the comfort of a sticky cinema, others dreaded the return of Pennywise and many clowns believe it’s only going to hurt an already dwindling industry.

“It’s gonna be bad for clowns,” Guilford Adams, a 42-year-old clown, who has performed under the name Gilly for 20 years, told MEL Magazine. “It’s ruining our business,” 33-year-old Nick Kane – known professionally as Mr. Nick – added.

Another clown, Roger Fojas, who performs as various personas, including “Ringmaster Roger” and “Humpy Pumpy,” reaffirmed his worries that kids will stop booking clowns for their birthday parties following the film’s release. He also mentioned that traffic to his Yelp page absolutely plummeted following the release of the trailer.

While clowns might be shitting bricks about the potential fallout of the movie, Stephen King recently praised an early cut of the upcoming film and called it a ‘wonderful production’ that “succeeds beyond my expectations”.

Source: The Independent 


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