Victorian Street Forced To Change ‘GOT’ Themed Name Due To Incestual Concerns

If your ultimate dream was to live on a street that’s vaguely related to a character from a TV show that features dragons, the undead and a whole lot of incestual lovin’, then I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news for you.

A new suburb in the fair regional city of Geelong, Victoria, has felt the cruel grip of reality after it had been forced to change a GOT themed street name due to a number of complaints.

Developers at Charlemont Rise had the wholly brilliant idea of naming all their streets after Game of Thrones characters. So prospective buyers would be able to raise a castle on Catelyn Rd, Stannis St, Winterfell Rd, Greyjoy St, Baelish Drive and Tywin St.

However, a neighbouring estate (boo) had an issue with the project’s main shopping centre strip, because it references Cersei and Jamie Lannister, who, despite being brother and sister, love to get it on in the show.

Project manager Gary Smith said that he originally wanted it for the strip because the name was “Easy to remember and rolls off the tongue.” He went on to say, “Unfortunately, we tried everything we could, we got knocked back by the Office of Geographic Names.”

The Office of Geographic Names reckons that a street that references incest could be offensive to the general community.

Ah well, all the other streets seem good to go, so you’ll be able to raise a house and then get subsequently murdered when you get too big for your boots, lovely!


Image: GOT


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