Martin Scorsese Is Making A Joker Origin Film, And Jared Leto Ain’t In It

According to a report from Deadline, Warner Bros and DC are currently hammering out the details on an origin story about everyone’s favourite killer clown, the Joker. So we’ll finally get to find out all about the Joker, what makes him tick, what he cares about and why he decided to get a face tattoo that makes him look like a shitty Soundcloud rapper.

                             I’d be screaming if I looked like that too.

The studio had managed to procure the script-writing talents of none other than Hangover writer Todd Phillips and 8 Mile mastermind Scott Silver. Phillips is set to direct the film with Martin Scorsese attached to produce.

This is the first film under a new banner which will allow Warner Bros to expand on character’s stories throughout the DC universe, meaning that different actors will be able to explore a range of different backstories and adventures.

Which also means that while Jared Leto can reprise his, um, interesting portrayal of the Joker in future Suicide Squad movies and the Harley Quinn spin off, it looks like they’ll be finding a different actor to depict the crazed clown.

Apparently, they’re trying to capture the true grittiness and hard-boiled crime that Scorsese did in his much-loved classics, such as Taxi Driver and Raging Bull. Release details are scarce right now, but keep your ear to the ground for future updates. Source: Deadline
Image: Batman Wiki


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