McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce Promo Was A Big Fat Flop

Unless you’ve been living under a large, particularly heavy rock then you would no doubt be familiar with the whole Rick and Morty Szechuan sauce saga.

If you aren’t, the short version is that the show made a reference to the long-defunct sauce back in the show’s first episode of the latest season, fans went pretty insane for it and here we are now.

The thirst for some Szechuan is so overpowering that when McDonald’s decided to run a special limited edition promo hundreds of fans crawled out of their basements to get their hands on the sauce.

Unfortunately, most places seemed to only have received a very limited amount of the goods, which certainly wasn’t enough to quench the thirst of many a frustrated Rick and Morty fan.

At other locations, crowds began chanting and protesting with signs. Let me just remind you that these are grown adults and this whole situation revolves around a cartoon show and some sauce.

Heaps of people had been queuing up for hours, with some even driving from different states to get their mitts on the sauce. There are some that say McDonald’s employees could have raided stocks in an attempt to sell the sauce at a massive mark up, but it was probably just a case of underprepared stock.

McDonald’s did post this on their twitter, so it certainly looks like they’ll be trucking more of the stuff out. Hopefully, we’ll see the famous sauce in Australia before too long.

Source: The Guardian 



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