In A Truly Cooked Development, Needles Were Found Embedded In Train Seats In Melborune

If you thought that the nation hit a new low when we couldn’t even bite into some innocent strawbs without risking a gruesome injury then I’m afraid to say I’ve got some awful, awful news for you.

Anthony Artusa was on his morning commute in Melbourne, when he sat down and to his horror noticed that there were a number of needles sticking out of his seat and directly into him.

“Word of warning when travelling on @metrotrains,” Mr Artusa tweeted on Tuesday morning. “Had a lovely surprise this morning when I sat on a seat with around 20 needles sticking out of it.”

Yep, copping a handful of needles in your arse and legs has got to go down as one of the worst ways to start 2019.

Metro Trains hit old mate up on Twitter to ask his carriage number, but like the good samaritan he is he reckons he was too busy checking over seats to notice, “I didn’t look, was too busy checking other seats and picking needles from the seat.”

Metro confirmed they have launched a full investigation and will be working with the police closely to catch the perpetrators, Anthony will have a blood screening to make sure he’s A-Ok.

I don’t really need to tell you how bad this could have been, sitting on a needle is an extremely dangerous way to transmit diseases so make sure you keep your eyes open out there.


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