Have A Look At This Dune Rats Fan’s Horrifically Bad Stage Dive

It takes a certain type of person to go to a Dune Rat’s concert. That person no doubt has shoulder length hair that they’ve been growing for 6 months in an attempt to fit in, absolutely ‘froths’ beer, graduated from a prestigious private school and has an unusual fascination with screaming “YEEEEEEW”.

Considering the demographics of their fan base, it’s gonna take more than hopping on someone’s shoulders and sinking a shoey to grab anyone’s attention.

However, what might turn heads is leaping over 13 feet in a spectacular swan dive fashion, before crushing back to reality.

The Dunie’s show at the Thebarton Theatre in Adelaide culminated at around 11 o’clock when one particularly cooked unit decided to dive from the balcony towering over the rest of the crowd.

Security tried to nab him, but it was too late, our hero had lept through the air like a graceful bird. The crowd, quite fairly, chose to nope the fuck out of this lunatic’s antics and move quickly out the way.

Unfortunately, that put old mate on a train with only one destination, the ground.

He suffered some pretty serious and immediate damage, but judging by his cheerful demeanour in the video below, we have reason to believe he’ll be ok.

Keep safe ladies and gents, and please, don’t pretend to be an off-shoot WWE wrestler and jump through the air.


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