Lil Wayne Refused To Go Through Security, So He Skipped His Own Show

One can only imagine the tremendous perks that come with being a famous rapper. There’s the money, fame, wo/men and having someone to pass you a big fat doob whenever you want sounds pretty fucking sweet to me.

If there’s one man who embodies the stereotypical  “I literally don’t give a fuck’ rapper attitude then it would have to be Lil Wayne. Just have a look at the video below to see Wayne in peak arsehole mode.

Well, it looks like our old friend arrogance has stricken again, as the rapper was set to perform in Columbia (USA) at the Colonial Life Arena as the headliner for the 2nd Annual Fall Ball but dropped out to him not wanting to have to go through security.

Imagine being so self-entitled that after flying to the city, going to the venue, organising a team to come with you and having thousands of people buy tickets to see you, only to decide you can’t be fucked with a basic security measure.

“While we regret the artist’s decision not to perform, Colonial Life Arena is not willing to bypass its security standards and jeopardize the safety of its patrons, performers, or staff members,” the arena said.

At the moment, it looks like tickets won’t be refunded as punters still got treated to Cardi B, 2 Chainz and Tory Lanez and Wayne was not billed as the headliner.

Source: Post and Courier 


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