Blokes Rescued From Mountain After Getting Too Stoned To Walk

Smoking a doob at the top of the world with a group of your best mates sounds like one of life’s most pure pleasures. Although, you do have to remember that you’re in the middle of the wilderness and one wrong bong rip could see you hurtle down that hill faster than Jack and Jill.

Also, does anyone else get pretty tripped out when you’re on a mountain really high up? Shit is terrifying, so I have complete sympathy for this group of four fellas that found themselves a bit too high – in both senses.

The story goes that on Saturday, police were called to Scafell Pike, a 3,210 ft mountain in England’s Lake District because four men had climbed the mountain but were now unable to walk due to smoking too much wacky baccy.

Imagine getting stuck up here after you’ve punched some cones.

Superintendent Justin Bibby from Cumbria police said walkers should never underestimate the mountains and always be prepared before setting out. “Mountain safety is your responsibility,” he said.

“Carry the right equipment and food, and know how to use it. Our priority is your safety. The Wasdale mountain rescue team had a particularly busy day yesterday dealing with this and other incidents.

“They are volunteers, they do an amazing job and they are always there to assist those who get into difficulty.

“Taking alcohol or any other substance that could impair your judgment significantly increases your risk of getting into trouble. It has no place on a mountain.”

There ya go folks, leave the Gatorade saxophone at home before you go scaling Everest.

Source: The Guardian 



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