Boy Swallows A Party Horn; Becomes A Party Horn

There is nothing funny about this guys. This story, about a little boy who swallowed a party horn and inherited its powers, is not in the slightest bit comical. You fucking monsters.

The eight-year old involuntarily turned himself into a human kazoo when he inhaled the small whistle and it became lodged in his windpipe. Yes, that’s right: the windpipe. For a party whistle, that’s the land of opportunity. Now the very act of breathing has this child honking like a goose in a clown car. So sad.

Surgery was required to remove the musical obstruction and return the boy to his human self. There was no foreseeable benefit to leaving the whistle in there, because it was certainly not funny when the boy tootled with every breath.

And I’ll tell you what else isn’t funny is this video that the surgeon took just before the operation:

That is hands down the saddest honk you will ever hear in your life.

Now I know what you’re probably thinking. You’re probably thinking: “I want him. I want to take him to parties; I want to sample him on my next Bandcamp single; I want to hear what it sounds like when he laughs.”

But let me tell you that there is nothing more heartbreaking than seeing this boy, who huffed on a party horn with such unmitigated zeal that he literally inhaled it, honking for your bemusement. The higher they are the further they fall, and his dispirited little frown says it all.

He is expected to make a full recovery. And, in all seriousness, God bless him.

The whistle (Image: CEN)


Source: Metro
Feature image: Mashable


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