Have A Gander At This Incredible ‘Harry Potter and the Postal Survey’ Mashup

The postal survey is a bunch of bullshit. The need to debate on basic human rights for Australians seems archaic and backwards, we’ve got people who literally don’t interact with anyone LGBT in their lives, yet they’re allowed to have a say in whether that person is allowed to marry.

Don’t get me started on the survey. It’s here, it’s happening, so let’s just get on with the vote so that we can try to achieve some basic human rights.


Satire has previously been used to draw exaggerated comparisons between our world and what is being mocked, but in 2017 I honestly have stopped being able to tell the difference.

Which is why this Youtube video created by Ace Alderman and titled “Harry Potter and the Postal Survey” does such an excellent job of pointing out the absurdity of this postal vote, with some cheeky cameos from some of your absolute favourite politicians and bigots.

According to the video’s description, “Harry waits for his same-sex marriage postal survey, but it seems forces are conspiring to prevent or delay him from voting ‘Yes'”

Featuring Tony Abbott as Uncle Vernon and Dr Pansy Lai from the Coalition For Marriage ad campaign, this little doozy is a wild ride.

Have a gander at the video and please, please, vote yes for equality.


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