Woman Orders Yoga Mat, Receives 20,000 Opium Pills Instead

God works in mysterious ways, and His plans for us are not always clear. But when you order a yoga mat with the intention of becoming a high-on-life health guru, and instead receive a package containing some 20,000 opium pills, consider it a sign from the Almighty.

A woman in Rock Hill, South Carolina was victim to a classic postal mix-up recently when she opened a box that had been delivered to her house and discovered it was in fact a contraband care package. Not the yoga mat she’d been expecting, but rather two hefty bags of illegal oxycodone pills valued at nearly half a million USD.

Image: WSOC-TV

Police suspect the package was supposed to be sent to the woman’s old, now-vacant apartment, where the intended recipient would have waited to pick it up. Instead, the package was forwarded on to her new address.

Drug agent Marvin Brown says narcotics are often shipped in this way: sent to “vacant apartments, homes where people are gone to work for the day, and someone’s sitting outside tracking the package, waiting for the trucks to make the delivery.” Clearly, no one expected the postman to be so bloody competent.

Agents are still trying to figure out where the package was supposed to end up.

Source: WAFF
Feature image: Newsday


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