This ‘Baggie Factory’ Pumps Out 150,000 Saddies Of Cocaine A Day

Where do baggies come from? All those precious little saddies of Vitamin C, Peruvian marching powder, the devil’s dandruff. Where in the world are they born? Is there some kind of processing plant for these things – a sort of ‘baggie factory’?

Well, yes. As a matter of fact there is. And you might want to be sitting down for this:

This here is mecca; the garden of Eden; the tree of life. This is the nerve centre of every twitching, raving party-goer who’s ever so much as dipped a key. A baggie bot. A veritable robo rack machine.

See all that pow pow sifting down to be compressed into individual bags? They call that a flow through method. It’s how your Smiths chips are packeted. The same industrial method that’s used to put bags of chips into kids’ lunch boxes is being used to put bags of rack into the pockets of greasy-haired accountants everywhere. I think that’s a fun fact.

Image: New York Post

Anyway, Brazilian police discovered several of these coke-pressing contraptions after raiding a middle-class home in Sao Paulo earlier this week. They arrested three people and seized more than 10kg of cocaine. Switch on the volume, and you can hear one of the policeman talking in Portuguese:

“Hey Marcão! A baggie factory! It’s 150,000 baggies per day. Each for 10 reais, producing 1.5million reais each day!” he says. “Take a look. It’s madness!”

And it is. Assuming the cop’s got his numbers right, then 10 reais converts to a measly $4 AUD. For a bag. Of coke. Stuff that will set you back some $300 on the Australian market. Selling here for 1.3 percent of that. 4 bucks. The price of a large coffee, or a Hass avocado. For a bag. Of coke.

So tonight, when you’re shelling out $300 for that cute little sachet of nose beers, just think of the 75 bags you could be getting for the exact same price.

And people reckon smashed avo’s the reason we can’t afford a house.
Source: Daily Mail
Feature image: FratMusic


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