Have A Cringe At This Local News Station’s Attempt To Connect With Youth And Join Me In Being Yeeted Out The Atmosphere

No matter what the circumstances, hearing fully grown adults attempt to connect with the youth of today is absolutely fucking dreadful. In terms of pure intergenerational uncomfortableness, it ranks pretty highly with having to watch a sex scene with your parents.

As if there wasn’t enough evil in the world, a local news station has decided to heap further pain on by presenting what could possibly be one of the cringiest news segements of all time.

It’s kind of like when you see those baby boomer newspapers attempt to breakdown modern day slang, except you have to hear them enthusiasticly pronounce it out loud and it’s at least 10x worse.

I don’t know what’s worse, the weatherman royally fucking up the pronounciation of YAAAAS or old mate at the beginning trying to drop a casual YEEEET. Disgusting.

To make matters worse, they mention something called a “Gucci breakfast” which I’m fairly certain doesn’t exist. Two grown men having a Cardi B face off genuinely made me weep.

They say the news just isn’t the same anymore, and after watching this monstrosity I have reason to agree.

Image: YouTube


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