Drunk Driver Tried Escaping Trouble By Spraying Deodorant On His Tongue

Drunk drivers and high school boys seem to share a lot in common. For instance, they’re both dumb as fuck and seemingly love to use shitty deodorant at the most inappropriate of times.

One drunk driver all the way over in South Carolina, USA made the foolish attempt at hiding his pure cookedness by attempting to lift the stench of alcohol surrounding him by spraying deodorant in his mouth.

Now, I don’t know if you guys have ever attempted to spray deodorant in places that you shouldn’t, but I for one can confirm that they place warning labels on the can for very good reason.

Coppers pulled old mate over for speeding, swerving and generally driving like a dickhead. As they approached the car, they noticed 12 beer cans on the floor and the driver attempting to spray himself with deodorant.

Look, if you’re off your nut on 12 cold boys then it might seem like a good idea, but doing it in front of the police is never going to end well, for anyone.

To make matters worse, old mate tried talking to the police with an open tinnie between his legs and when they hauled him off he was nearly twice over the legal limit.

Let this be a lesson kids, deodorant might protect your sweaty pits but it doesn’t protect against being a grade A dickhead.


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