Elon Musk Dropped A Soundcloud Rap About Harambe And We Truely Are Living In A Simulation

Public opinion on Elon Musk has been fairly split as of late. On the one hand, he’s at the forefront of innovative technology and is spearheading the movement to colonise Mars. On the other, he called a heroic cave diver a paedophile for disagreeing with him and hilariously tried to smoke weed on an internet podcast.

Now, in a move that seeks to either launch himself back into the public’s affections or alienate them compeltely, he’s released a Soundcloud rap about the Harambe, the gorilla who was famously killed in the 2016 Cincinati Zoo incident.

Despite the fact that Elon is about 3 years too late on the jokes… the song is annoyingly catchy.

Featuring mind-blowing lyrics such as “RIP Harambe/Sipping on some Bombay/We on our way to heaven amen, amen/ RIP Harambe/ Smoking on some stronger in Gorilla Zoo/ And we thinking about you,” 

It’s not clear yet whether the heavily auto-tuned crooning belongs to Elon or someone else, although Elon did tweet about something called Emo G Records so it’s anyone’s guess.

Give it a squizz here, and try not to sing it in your head all day.


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