Festival Goer Arrested After Cling Wrapping MDMA To His Dick and Smothering Vegemite On It

Running the terrifying gauntlet that is getting drugs into a music festival is no small task. Literally, when you’ve got half a bag of nosé falling out your underwear and some sniffer dog giving you the stink eye, you know you’re in for a tough one.

So, what better way to avoid attention and remain inconspicuous by cling wrapping MDMA to his willy wonker before spreading Vegemite on it like an incredibly disgusting piece of toast.

“We found several males had the drugs wrapped in plastic and wrapped around their penis,” Port Phillip Acting Inspector Stuart Bailey said in an interview with Herald Sun. “One smothered his MDMA in Vegemite believing the…dog would not be able to detect his drugs. Wrong!”

Unfortunately, and expectedly, old mate was unable to keep hold of his drugs, no matter how vegemitey they might be.


24 other punters were caught trying to take drugs into the festival, but luckily, Bailey said it was a fairly chilled day.

“The crowd was really well-behaved from what I saw so I was really pleased,” he said.

“It was a warm day, St Kilda was pumping, but we didn’t have that many drugs… we had probably more in the medical tents because of headaches and dehydration and things of that nature.”

Correction, you didn’t FIND that many drugs.

Listen Out will be hitting up Sydney and Brisbane this weekend.

Source: LifeWithoutAndy



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