Saudi Arabia Accidentally Printed A Textbook Showing Their Leader Chilling With Yoda

The images used in textbooks were always the subject of much delight. Whether it was a cringe-worthy haircut in a sociology book, a rather cute looking puppy or even just a dope pair of testicles hanging out in the back of a science textbook, these gems of high school really had it all.

While you’ve no doubt see your fair share of questionable textbook images, I doubt you’ve copped one like this.

The Saudi Arabian Government are desperately trying to recall a history textbook which shows King Faisal chilling with everyone’s favourite little green buddy, Yoda.

                                            Yoda in his natural habitat.

“The Ministry of Education regrets the inadvertent error,” said Ahmed al-Eissa, the Saudi education minister.

“The ministry has begun printing a corrected copy of the decision and withdrawing the previous versions, and has formed a legal committee to determine the source of the error and to take appropriate action.”

The image is the work of a young Saudi Arabian artist called Shaweesh, who created a series of images depicting movie stars in historically important Arabian moments.

He’s previously created works involving Darth Vader and Captain America, but how his photo ended up in a history textbook is anyone’s guess.

He said he put the King and Yoda together because they were both intelligent and Yoda and his lightsaber are green, like the Arabian flag.

Source: The Guardian 


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