Crab Climbs Out Of Pot, Switches Off Hot Plate, Saves His Friends

It kind of feels like we’re all in the frying pan right now, hey. Political tensions are bubbling away, natural disasters are wracking the planet and the looming threat of nuclear war could genuinely boil over at any given minute.

Also it’s a Monday, so there’s a decent chance you’re already feeling pretty cooked – completely drained of serotonin, staring blankly at this screen and waiting for something, anything, to make you feel better about yourself. One single skerrick of hope.

Well here it is, you’re welcome, because a fucking crab has gone and proven that hope is never lost:

In such dark times as these, we need a hero. Someone to take affirmative action. Someone who’ll do what others only talk about doing. We need the kind of hero who’ll not only jump out of the frying pan, but turn off the hot plate behind him and rescue every one of his comrades from an untimely demise.

More than ever, we need people like this crab.

I’m tempted to break the metaphor down further – to ruminate on how the hopeless crustaceans scrabbling at the sides of the pan are all of us, and how the heartless person behind the camera is God, or Trump or something, and how if we don’t do something about all of this soon we’re destined for oily, lemon-scented doom.

But the clip doesn’t need to be analysed all that much, really. This is just a video of a crab climbing out of a pot, switching off a hot plate and saving his friends. If that alone isn’t enough to inspire optimism then fuck, I don’t know what will.

Source: UPI
Feature image: National Geographic


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