Chance The Rapper’s Feature Film Debut Is A Terrifying Pizza Delivery Murder Mystery

So it looks like philanthropist, father and eternal ray of sunshine Chance The Rapper will be appearing in his own movie, Slice, and oh boy does it look like an absolute cracker.

Chance will be taking the lead in a film that’s being directed by close friend and frequent collaborator Austin Vesely. The two used to make music video’s in basements on a shitty DSLR camera, so you could say it’s quite the glow up.

Chance’s character, Dax Lycander, is a former Chinese delivery food driver who happens to be a werewolf as well. When a pizza delivery boy is murdered, everyone in the film suspects Lycander because of this past, and the fact that he’s a fucking werewolf.

Speaking to Pigeons and Planes, Vesely says that the film Slice began as a drunken scribble of an idea for a short film: “Person orders pizza to houses. Kills the driver.” but as his relationship with Chance progressed, among other things, he found that the script evolved into something much bigger and better.

People are somewhat unsure what tone the film will take, will it be heart-wrenchingly scary or a light-hearted comedic romp?

Vesely said, “People ask me often if the film is really scary. I hope it has its moments but it’s more of a comedy for me. Tonally, I was really inspired by Twin Peaks, if that says anything.

“I studied Paul Thomas Anderson’s movies to figure out how to balance multiple narratives. TV shows as well, like Twin Peaks, to discover how to establish a sense of place. I guess this movie is like Magnolia with ghosts. Just kidding. Kind of.”

Chance will be backed by a stellar supporting cast as well, including ‘Stranger Things‘ star Joe Keery, Rae Gray from ‘Fear of the Walking Dead‘, Zazie Beetz from ‘Atlanta‘, and Paul Scheer of ‘The League‘.

Slice is expected to release next year.

Source: Pigeons and Planes


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