Shooter McGavin’s Been Arrested For DUI

It was more than 20 years ago that Happy Gilmore first hit the screens and oh Lord, how the world has changed. Adam Sandler’s career since then has proven an unparalleled trainwreck; Richard Kiel, the actor who played ‘Mr Gilmore’s’ former employer, tragically passed away in 2014; and the once fertile genre of lowest-denominator slapstick comedy is now the province of films like Paul Blart: Mall Cop.

These are dark times indeed. But the question on everyone’s lips has been the same for two decades: What about Shooter McGavin? What ever happened to Shooter, the smarmy fuck?

Well, I hate to have to tell you guys, but Shooter’s a drunk. Christopher McDonald, the actor who played McGavin, was arrested on Saturday night for driving under the influence.

An eyewitness claims McDonald got behind the wheel of his silver Porsche, drove it off the highway and ended up on an embankment, wiping out a gas meter along the way. When police arrived to take him away, McDonald reportedly tried to grease the wheels of justice by reminding them that he appeared in Happy Gilmore.

McDonald was also charged with ‘driving while intoxicated’ back in 2013, when he blew twice the legal alcohol limit. Time has not been kind to the golfing guru.

Put your clubs out for Shooter.


Source: TMZ
Feature image: USA Today


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