Uni Student Tries To Eat 100 McChickens In 24 Hours, Fails Miserably

The McChicken is literally the definition of you get what you paid for. A chicken patty that tastes like cardboard, limp lettuce that’s sadder than the condo your Dad rented while he was having troubles with Mum and mayonnaise that looks… well you probably get the idea.

It’s honestly such a shit puck of food, but because it’s so cheap you just give it a pass and scoff it down anyway. Now, I’m all for a drunken McChicken every now and again, but having to smash down 100 of the buggers would be a bit bloody overkill.

Just ask  Derek Metcalf, a senior at Michigan State University, who challenged himself to eat 100 McChickens, within 24 hours. Apparently, old mate found that genius idea while he was scrolling through Snapchat, and decided he was the man for the job.

Old mate hopped on Snapchat to document the adventure, which began at 4:30 am on Monday last week. It is reported that Metcalf began by eating 10 sandwiches he’d ordered from his local Maccas the night before. He’d prepared by working out his body to the max the weekend before so his body could retain the sandwiches.

The day progressed and Metcalf continued to smash those sangas, although he started to feel the burn and at one point was taking 30 minutes to struggle through one. “Too much mayo makes a man weak,” Metcalf told the Lansing State Journal. “It was really hard to eat that amount of mayo.”


He tried and tried but unfortunately, no one can chase the McChicken dragon and emerge unscathed. He ended on a lowly 24 sandwiches, barely hitting a quarter of his target.

Source: Munchies



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