Watch This Soccer Player Cop A Kick To The Dick That Required 10 Stitches

In life, there are a few things you can rely on to cheer you up when you’re at your lowest. A nice coffee, a phone call with Mum, or perhaps seeing a professional soccer player take an absolute pounding in the never regions.

Argentinian footballer Mariano Bittolo was playing for Spanish second league side Albacete against Huesca on Saturday when he copped an injury no athlete – or any man for that matter – wants to endure.

Bittolo collided with a teammate and let’s just say… the results aren’t pretty. He required 10 stitches on his penis after his teammate Roman Zozulya jumped up and his studs accidentally smashed into Bittolo.

You can see old mate limp off looking very fragile, which is pretty fair for saying some manic just sliced your manhood open with the bottom of his shoe. He took a moment to survey the damage, but as you can imagine, things weren’t looking too hot.

Albacete eventually substituted the South American and went on to secure a 0-0 draw in the match, which means they copped only one point from the affair.

As for Bittolo, he’s probably going to be resting up for a good while with some frozen peas on his knob, like any truly great sportsman.

Source: Huffington Post


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